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What is SuperFood?
Purasana organic super food / raw food are
unprocessed, pure foodstuffs from grains, plants, algae,
seeds, berries, fruits, vegetables, etc. They are free from
pesticides, chemicals, colorants, ¬avourings, preserva
tives or any other synthetic or unnatural additives.
They are naturally rich in essential nutrients and
phytonutrients such as nutritional  bre, fatty acids
(omega 3/6/9), proteins, vitamins, minerals, essential
amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, chlorophyll, etc.

Raw Food?
Raw food is food that is heated at temperatures not
exceeding our own body temperature (max. 40°C). That
way all the vital and essential elements remain intact –
‘life’ is retained in the food – and they can be absorbed
by your body optimally. Super food / raw food =
receiving and radiating life force.

Why eat SuperFood?
The unilateral use of agricultural land, arti cial fertilizers
and all kinds of other factors signi cantly reduce the
nutritional value of many crops with regard to the
essential nutrients and phytonutrients. Consuming as
much unprocessed food as possible and eating a varied
diet is recommended to provide your body with the
nutrients it requires.
Super food is a perfectly natural way to replenish these
nutrients. That is why super food is increasing in
popularity and why more people are eating them every day.

Which type should I use?
Purasana has made a selection of the most famous and
frequently-used super foods in powder form, seeds or
beans. They are all of excellent quality and of organic
origin. Therefore, super food is good for mankind and the
earth. Eating super food rewards small farmers, and
stimulates and aids organic farming. Every body can
bene t from super food, regardless of your body type!

How to use SuperFood?
Make your own super food smoothies by mixing one or
more super foods with milk, soymilk, rice milk, nut milk,
etc. Serve the smoothie for breakfast, lunch or as a
snack. Add super food to ready-made fruit smoothies or to
home-made fruit smoothies.
Sprinkle super food over lots of dishes or use them in
dishes, desserts, sauces, cake or muesli.
Experiment, be creative! You can make countless
variations and mix them together according to your own
preferences. Make speci c mixes such as a green mix based on
spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass and barley grass. You
can make them very liquid, less liquid or more solid by
adding a piece of fruit such as a banana.
If desired you can sweeten super food smoothies with
coconut blossom sugar, honey, stevia, agave syrup or
maple syrup.

every body super food
It is good for everyone, the young and the old, students,
white-collar workers, labourers, recreational sportsmen
and top-class sportsmen who are aware that their body
needs pure, perfectly absorbable and natural nutrients in
order to maintain a healthy physical and mental balance.
It is also good for those who are aware that our modern
dietary and food-consumption habits are very burden
some for our body, people who are looking for the
essence of food without ingesting unnecessary, unnatural
remedies. Super food / raw food brings us back to a
healthy basis, to the source of food as nourishment that
our body can absorb and take full advantage of. The
food our body loves.

Autor: Marcel Jost